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Instant flower piping tips

Instant flower piping tips

You might have seen these fancy looking piping tips when you're browsing online, but passed them by because they look...well...too difficult to use!

It couldn't be further from the truth. Russian piping tips are like a gift from the cake decorating gods. They are simple to get the hang of, and turn out results that will have everyone talking about your awesome decorating skills!

Think of Russian piping tips as an instant flower nozzle set. You just squeeze your piping bag, and hey presto, a flower comes out. Not even kidding, these nozzles are genius. Once you've used them you'll be hooked!

Cupcake Jemma shows you just how easy it is to ice with these tips in her YouTube video:



If you try out our Russian piping tip sets, please send us a photo or tag us on Instagram @cake_magicians - we'd love to see your creations!




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