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Best piping tips for cupcakes

Piping the perfect swirl is the end goal of most cupcakes, and if you're just starting out on your cupcake decorating journey, it's handy to know which piping tips are going to give you the swirly results of your dreams!
Remember it's only the size and shape of the piping tip, not the brand, that matters. As long as the shape is right, you'll be able to get results like these with your buttercream frosting effortlessly.
This handy piping nozzle chart shows you which piping tips you'll need to get the classic swirl effect on your cupcakes. If you don't own any icing equipment yet, a cupcake decorating set is a great way to get started!
best piping tips for cupcakes
When you're making up your buttercream, remember to use quality ingredients and follow the recipe.
Pay attention to the consistency of your frosting. If it's too runny, the swirl won't hold its shape, and it will eventually melt into a puddle on the top of your cupcake. It'll still taste amazing of course, but that's not what we're aiming for here :) 
Pipe a test swirl onto a plate and check it for firmness. If it starts to sag, add a little more confectioners (aka icing or powdered) sugar until you get the swirl staying firmly in place.
Now that you're all ready to start frosting, you can follow along with this Cupcakes 101 video that will give you the hang of turning out the perfect swirl every time!

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